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„Seek to perform your duty; but lay not claim to it’s fruits“ [Bhagavad Gita, 2.47]


I took this picture on the ground of an forst kindergarden, after working there for one year. In the back you can see the trailer which is sometimes used on colder days.

The philosophy of an forest kindergarden is, to educate and teach through nature and adventure.

Here every day is an adventure when going into the forest with its endless opportunities for creation. A fallen down tree can become anything like a space ship going to the moon or a plane to wonderland. The nearby group of trees becomes unknown territory to be explored, finding dragons (other kids playing there 😉 and their kingdom. Maybe they take you as prisoner. How to escape…?


Remember playing in the rain on the playground?

🌧  👶

The touch of a tree, the smell of wet grass, a spider landing on your shoulder, finding balance on the uneven ground… these primary sense adventures are especially crucial for the intellectual and physical development of children, establishing memory with an intensity not possible to reach with toys manufactured by human kind.

When growing older we need to keep this connection, even though may be binded to society’s obligations, by taking some time each day to be silently with nature. For example smelling the essence of a flower or witnessing the beauty of a sunset.

This way we keep connected with our inner child, which is our real self – pure consciousness.

With love 💕 L.


Picture shot on analog canonT90, 55mm lens, wide range

Filderstadt, Germany

🔽prints available🔽

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