face sketching. male w/ tutorial

face sketching

🍀 “Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will be well worth while, and it will do you a world of good.” 🍀
– Cennino Cennini

Sometimes we judge ourselves without realizing, that we’re, in fact, standing in our own way with this.

Love yourself! 🙂

The evolution of the male face with notes and tips


  • make a circle for the upper part of the face.
  • make a cross with lines inside the circle to get the radius of the circle.
  • go down the radius of circle to mark the chin.
  • connect the circle and chin line to get the outline of the face.
  • now draw a line in the middle of the whole face. horizontal and vertical.
  • divide the upper and the down part (each) into three same sized parts.
  • each line indicates a part of the body (see pictures).
  • these first steps are really important to get the right dimensions.



male face: all face parts

  • divide the horizontal middle line into 5 parts. the middle parts on the right and left side indicate the position of the eyes.
  • draw one line from the inner side of each eye going downwards until the next horizontal line. these indicate the space and position of the nose.
  • draw one line from the middle of each eye going downwards until you hit the lowest line, indicating the space and position of the mouth, and draw two lines from the down part of the nose, so that they are building a triangle. this will help you to get the right dimensions for the mouth.
  • the ears are placed between the down part of the eyes and the nose.
  • use the upper lines for the hair.



male face: shading

  • depending on there your light source is coming from, do some shading on the outer lines to get some more expression into the face.
  • in general: the more shading, the more lively the person will look



  • hair: adding first layer of hair and additional ones.
  • shading: fine tuning and stronger lines.
  • eyes: adding the pupils – for more details on how to draw eyes click here


be sure to check out RapidFireArt awesome in-depth video Tutorial on youtube.


another example - my second sketch



this person looks much more younger.

I basically made his face more round and smooth, while the first person has a more sharp and edged face.

…I also changed the shape of eyes, gave him a nice moustache and a different hair style.

then drawing or sketching we shouldn’t take ourselves to seriously. nothing we do will be wrong. it’s all learning by doing.
and it’s really fun to play with the look and the expression of the person.


be sure to check out RapidFireArt in-depth video Tutorial on how to draw different hair styles

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