The. WASTE. Society.


Climate change is here and we need to rethink our lifestyle now!

Thank you for taking time
and welcome to todays view into my head and thoughts 🙂

First of all i want to ask a few questions and i kindly ask you to keep them in your head for the rest of my words:

Do you like to be in a physically healthy condition?  Do you like to life on this planet? and do you care about the future of your children or related ones?

Weather conditions are changing dramatically since a few years. Heat waves are dominating the summer time. In Germany we have again one of the most hottest (temperatures) summers. As a result of that, farmers actually have significant crop loses. Their is this coming from and their is it leading?

I guess you can already imagine around which topics my thoughts are spinning?
our LIVE(STYLE) and the effect of it, GLOBAL WARMING.
our LIVES as also our PLANET and the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE on it.

With the following examples, i want to show –  in a clear and simple way – our Lifestyle (source) and the effects of it, on our health and planet.

one way plastic – the buy it and then we throw into the waste bin? That’s all for the customer. BUT what does actually happen to it?  I tell you what:
As long as it is not recycled , which is actually only 9%, it mostly ends up in our oceans, their fish eat it.

Do i miss the point? Their is the problem for me?
I BUY plastic – I THROW it away – I EAT “plastic fish” = SPOOKY!

plastic in generalcrazy amounts of emissions are caused while producing it and bringing it into the necessary shape and even if it is getting recycled (and not thrown into the ocean) the same thing appears again.

And most types of plastic can actually cause cancer.

So why produce and use plastic at all? Just because its cheap? Our environment and body doesn’t thank us for this.

consumption society – i am what i feed myself

Why do we cause so much emissions? It is our insanely high level of consumption.

I WANT to eat meat everyday
therefore a lot of animals are need to be grown and fed
a lot of animals produce a lot of methane, which is a greenhouse gas about 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide (what? HERE)
a lot of animals need a lot of food. So rain forests are cut down to grow cheap food for them (what? HERE )

I WANT to buy cheap meat
for this to happen animals need to be fed fast and shouldn’t get sick –
therefore they get fed a lot of pharmaceutical medicine
I EAT antibiotics with meat / SPOOKY!

Is this really necessary?

i want to be able to buy strawberries all year long and also a lot 
they need to be sprayed with pesticides, so that insects don’t eat them and farmers can have huge plantages (not even calculating the amounts of water needed to let them grow)
i eat pesticides

in winter they get shipped from south africa, causing a lot of carbon dioxide
which is again causing climate change

Do i really need to drive with my car to the next supermarket just to get me a joghurt?

Do you see the main problems which we are facing?

our health – we are eating food which contains harmful stuff like pesticides, plastic or antibiotics

our environment – our consumption mentality is causing climate change

heat waves – today farmers have crop loses – significant food shortages are already happening – what will be tomorrow?
think again about the questions which i asked at the beginning


-small steps are important steps-

START WITH YOURSELF and think about what you can change in your daily life – having the above explained issues in mind and maybe even more you can think of
because i just talked about a small part of the whole picture to get you started and not overwhelm you already 😉

happy and sunny greets L.

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