The Nourishment (Moon) Yantra

Namaste. Welcome to the first part of the Sacred.Geometrie Series.

Today is full moon and due to that i present the nourishment yantra today.
It is closely connected to the energies of the moon, wich are:
As the mother of the planets, the Moon signifies the feminine principle, compassing, receptivity and sensitivity.

Sacred Geometrie – the ancient teaching of the vedic sriptures from India, originating from the hinduistic religion.

For Meditation: chant the Mantra Om Cham Chandraya Namah and sit in front of the Yantra, gazing at the center of the Sacred DesignΒ 

Om Cham Chandraya Namah
I honor the quality of the nourishment within

By repeating this sound while working with the visual Yantra, a new experience of self-healing and nourishment will take place

For more Information – i am inspired by this amazing book from Sarah Tomlinson
Check out the whole series here.


the nourishment design – geometric


inner part colored


colored gates


finished nourishment design


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